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    When Volkswagen decided to open its first U.S. assemblyplant in the 1970s, it assumed it would have to deal with theUAW, then at the height of its power as an industrial union anda force in American politics. Dealing with the UAW was seen asthe cost of doing business.
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    Democrats say bills to fund the government and raise thedebt ceiling could be resolved quickly if House ofRepresentatives Speaker John Boehner permitted votes on simple,no-strings-attached measures.
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    Mr Hay told the Assembly that the clash had fallen short of the standards he expected of MLAs but added: “However, it is clear to me that no allegations were made of unlawful behaviour; they were political points.
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    Anthony Cork, of accountants Wilkins Kennedy, who last week reported the 57 per cent annual leap in estate agent insolvencies, said:  “The expansion of bigger regional and national groups like Foxtons and [recently floated] Countrywide has put pressure on smaller agents who just can't compete with the marketing spend and the economies of scales of the bigger agencies.”
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    The spying scandal will raise risks for U.S. companiesoperating in sensitive industries, such as the defense, telecomand energy sectors, and Boeing's chances of securing the jetfighter contract will be "significantly reduced," the Eurasiaconsultancy in Washington said in a note to clients.
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    If James Anderson on his home ground can take down another Australian batsman, or Graeme Swann expose the inadequacies of his technique against spin, the tourists’ cupboard is going to look rather bare. They have too many clothes in it at the moment – 18 players illustrates the lack of conspicuous quality, and perhaps the confusion of their thinking - but not many clothes they can actually wear.
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    Cruz, a Texas Republican who has fueled speculation that he may run for president in 2016, was born in Canada, which automatically makes him a citizen. On Monday he offered to renounce that citizenship.
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    As the country's Ombudsman, she has been tasked with examining complaints from members of the public who feel they have been unfairly treated by certain public bodies, including the HSE and government departments, since 2003.
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    NEW YORK, Aug 15 (Reuters) - The dollar fell broadly in atopsy-turvy trading day on Thursday but not before it reachedfresh August peaks against the euro and yen amid a cross-currentof economic data that muddies the view on when the U.S. FederalReserve will start trimming its stimulus measures.
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    The funding measure introduced on Tuesday by HouseAppropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers would extendfunding for 11 weeks at the current annual rate of $988 billion- a level that keeps automatic, "sequester" spending cuts inplace.
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    The RBI set the overall limit for borrowing under the dailyliquidity adjustment facility (LAF) for each bank at 0.5 percentof deposits, outstanding as of the last Friday of the reportingcycle two weeks prior to the current one.
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    President Barack Obama was briefed Tuesday morning on the wildfires by his homeland security adviser, Lisa Monaco. The White House said the administration's focus is on supporting state and local first responders and that Obama's team is in ongoing contact with federal and local partners.
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    "He should do himself and everybody a favor and step to the sidelines," King said. "I just can't see any way — even if this latest scandal would not have come out — that Anthony Weiner could have won."
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    The weight of the peer assessment score was reduced from 25 percent to 22.5 percent in the Regional Universities and Regional Colleges categories; the weight of graduation and retention rates was increased for National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges to 22.5 percent from 20 percent. 
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    "I respect the fact that the other party is not supposed to agree with me 100 percent of the time, just like I don't agree with them. But they do also expect that we don't bring the entire government to a halt or the entire economy to a halt just because of those differences," he said.
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    If the prosecution decides not to seek the death penalty a second time, Arias will not face the death penalty, and Stephens will sentence her to either life in prison without parole or life in prison with the possibility of parole.
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    The idea is gaining traction among Republican leaders in theHouse of Representatives, aides said on Wednesday. An aide toHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor said the debt limit is a "goodleverage point" to try to force some action on the healthcarelaw known as "Obamacare."
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    Before the coup, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal argued to Palestinians that they should place their allegiance behind his group because it is aligned with the leading Muslim political movement. And several wealthy Gulf states, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, sent financial aid to Morsi's government, and by extension, Hamas.
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    "The impending shutdown of this program would cause a spike in helium prices that would harm many U.S. industries and disrupt national security programs," the White House's Office of Management and Budget said in a statement.
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    Many of the overestimations also made their way into the popular press. In 1989, the Associate Press reported: "Using computer models, researchers concluded that global warming would raise average annual temperatures nationwide 2 degrees by 2010."
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    The first phase of the trial, which wrapped up in April,looked at dividing blame among BP and its contractors;Transocean Ltd, which owned the drilling rig, andHalliburton Co, which did cement work on the well.
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    Erdogan said the state would return land belonging to Mor Gabriel, the world's oldest Syriac monastery in southeastern Turkey. Some 20,000 Syriac Christians live in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul, having fled their ancient homeland for economic and security reasons.
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    Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, New Jersey, was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, menacing and endangering the welfare of a child, said Sergeant Lee Jones of the New York City Police Department.
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    Little, Brown is already at work on a reprinting that will add Rowling's name to the "About the Author" page. The next Robert Galbraith book is already scheduled for release next summer, presumably with much, much more media attention.
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    Surely, we had the inclusive government since February 2009 and despite the cat and mouse relationship between the parties, there were moments of closeness and coziness characterizing the period these parties worked together for us to finally reach this day. We give them credit for attempting to stabilise the economy by stopping the economic nosedive (hyper-inflation) that had reached alarming levels due to ZANU PF's mis-governance.
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    If Bavaria were a country it would have the euro zone's sixth largest population and economy, which allows it to exert pressure on national policy on issues ranging from energy and the family to the euro zone.
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    That’s further ahead than he was than when he first arrived in Buffalo. Four days after being acquired, Lewis was thrust into action, backing up fellow newcomer Matt Leinart in the Bills preseason finale, a 35-13 loss to Detroit.
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    "My personal preference would be to make future step-downs a completely deterministic function of a labor market indicator, such as the unemployment rate or cumulative payroll growth over some period," Stein said. "For example, one could cut monthly purchases by a set amount for each further 10 basis point decline in the unemployment rate."
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